Pink and White Ponies Coat Rack - 4 Hooks


Pink and White Ponies Coat Rack - 4 Hooks

Product no.: D2D10179
Price incl. VAT + £3.99 delivery

This wooden coat rack is the perfect storage solution for young pony and horse fans, whether for hanging clothes and bags or to proudly display their pony paraphernalia.

Painted pink, the wooden MDF board is carefully handcrafted and created with matching pink hooks whilst white foam horses complete the design.

The rack measures 10cm high and this particular listing is for a 4 hook design which measures 45cm wide. Alternative sizes/number of hooks can be made, available in the widths specified below or we can adapt the size to suit your own requirements.

The hooks are screwed on so will withstand the weight of coats or bags.

The board is fixed easily to walls through two pre-drilled holes either end of the board. Two screws and rawl plugs are supplied and each item is securely packaged to ensure safe delivery.

Alternative standard sizes:

37cm (3 hooks) = £6.99

55cm (5 hooks) = £10.49.

70cm (6 hooks) = £13.49

If you require one of these sizes (3, 5 or 6 hook), please contact us with the measurements you require.
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